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Acupuncture is a traditional remedy that has been scientifically proven to have positive benefits on health and well-being.

It's a very safe technique with all practitioners adhering to strict hygiene practices. The needles are fine, disposable 
(single use) and sterile. It is offered in a program series specifically designed for clients according to their state of 
being and specific health condition. 

It involves tiny needles being inserted just under the patient’s skin in carefully considered areas to encourage energy flow 
to specific parts of the body. The area to which the energy is channeled varies depending on the condition or ailment that needs
treating, and it has proven to be particularly effective in treating anxiety & depression, sleeplessness, muscle pain, restless
legs,vascular conditions, detoxification & hormonal conditions, chronic fatigue, diabetes, arthritis and digestive disorders. 

After studying and practicing Chinese Acupuncture in London almost two decades ago. Today Valquiria practices an unique Egyptian 
acupuncture method where fine Japanese needles are applied lightly on the surface of the skin in specific patterns. No deep 
needling is done. It brings harmony to the physical and energetic body assisting the natural power of innate self-healing.

Private one-on-one session available (in person only)

Contact me to make an appointment.

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 Wellness  & Holistic Health

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Sometimes you may feel instinctively that you compromise your integrity or sabotage your true essence. The key 
to transforming your life is understanding what lies beneath these often destructive but unconscious behavioral
patterns. I can support you to create the life you have always wanted.


My approach is individualised to your unique journey. Each session we will work together to discover the 
underlying beliefs that might be holding you back. Clarity will help you identify any emotional blockages 
as we work together to recreate a more aware self.Understanding the triggers will support you to bring 
about the changes needed to heal and return to a natural state of homeostasis (where conditions remain 
stable and constant). It can be an amazing journey and I am always humbled to share this with my clients.

Together we will focus on the most important person in your life - YOU!


It is important that I understand as much about you as possible. This includes your goals, health history, and 
potential emotional blockages. To understand this better I'd like you to complete a brief questionnaire.

Your initial appointment will last 90 mins and involve detailed discussion of your wellbeing, including your 
current physical, emotional and physiologic state. Together we will develop a tailored program to help you 
achieve your desired goals.

The 60 mins follow-up session further tailors your personalised healing program to also include supplements,
recipes, chakra-puncture, specialised nutrition and wellbeing advice.
For more information or to book an Online Coaching Session, please contact us.


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Ancient Facial Release 

Ancient Facial Release is one of the oldest techniques (8,000-12,000 years old) to come out of the real ancient 
Egypt.It was founded at a time when it was prohibited to touch a women’s body. The technique was introduced by 
an ancient Egyptian healer, Imhotep who wanted to introduce a way for women to receive healings.
Similarly to Reflexology and Iridology where you will find that the organs are connected to different areas under
the feet or in the eyes. The same applied to the face which also has organ pressure points, and using this healing 
technique, it gently allows the stored energy such as Stress, Grief, Depression, Anger, Sadness, Resentment, Rage, 
Frustration, Pain, Fear, Negative Thoughts and Beliefs to be released.

As far as the clients are concerned, it is one of the most pleasurable, nurturing and releasing techniques as well 
as powerful transformational.
The modality is based on the knowledge that we store our emotional feelings on our face. It is a gentle 
non-invasive therapy designed to renew and revitalize you. It is powerful technique whereby the hands 
are placed gently but firmly in different areas of the face.With specific movements, it is possible to 
release what some clients may hold onto tightly in the body for many years.
The clients often experience a deeply nurturing feeling and a sense of comfort during the healing.

This tender and deep healing treatment can be in conjunction with another modality of your choice or 
as a standalone treatment.

Private 1:1 session available (in person only)

Contact me to make an appointment or buy a Gift Voucher.


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Business Shift 

Getting to the heart of your business by aligning staff with your business philosophy.

My holistic and customized approach can help you become the natural leader that you are within. I will help you 
prioritize the areas you most need to work on, while recognizing and capitalizing on your signature strengths.

Through understanding, mapping and clarifying your business philosophy you will better align with your staff. 
With integrated consultation between you and your staff, I can help bring deep transformation to your business. 
At its core, this will enable you to identify what is genuine about your business and product, measure improved
customer satisfaction and truly bring team members on board.

If you would like to learn more about my Business Shift Program, please contact me

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Speaking Events

I am passionate about womens' health, well being, Self Love and helping others discover the healing power 
of self care. I believe that sharing my learnings and offering practical perspectives help create awareness 
and an opportunity for change.

I have spoken at events around Australia, in England and Brazil and I can help you with your next women's
health event by presenting a caring, practical and compassionate presentation on a range of topics, including
those below. 
Alternatively, if you have a topic you would like customized for your audience I can also tailor a program
especially for you!
Re-establish your self-worth from within

Most women never experience their full potential or experience the lives they are meant to live. As WOMEN we 
have the tendency to compromise our essence in order to create temporary outer harmony. We fall into patterns 
which mean we are unable to value ourselves without seeking love externally, we constantly need validation, 
continually comparing ourselves by whether we live up to others' expectations. We have forgotten how to honor
our own feelings and to embraceour 'kick-ass' divinity. These behaviors leave us fragmented, continuing a 
disharmonious pattern of insecurity and doubt. There is a time in our lives when we reach a point where enough 
is enough. In this talk, I cover strategies to deepen relationships with self and offer practical tips on how to
do this.
Reset your internal clock for better sleep
Many people suffer from an inability to enjoy a restful nights sleep. Ongoing symptoms include; being unable
to fall asleep, waking up feeling tired, feeling the need for coffee or other stimulants to stay awake during
the day or simply sleeping soundly but still waking up lacking vitality and energy.

Sleep problems are a common issue. In this talk, I provide practical tips on how to change these damaging habits
and re-establish regular sleep patterns using natural methods that can be incorporated into daily life.

Re-establish a self-loving relationship with food
We don't only eat to satisfy our hunger. We also turn to food in times of stress and sadness. We have lost 
touch with our bodies needs. Have you considered whether you are actually hungry or just bored? Are you 
physically hungry or using food to bury your emotions? There is a big difference between physical and 
emotional hunger. Within this talk, I reveal game-changing practical tools to help stop emotional eating 
and re-establish a more sustainable, vital and loving relationship between our body and food.
I have worked with brands like Lorna Jane Active Living Room and Sass & Bide.
I have also worked with groups like the Bulimba Public Library, where I tailored a unique presentation on 
'Women of Self Love' events for the local community.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about my offerings or engage me for a speaking event, workshop 
or retreat.
Live Event

To book an appointment or enquire further about my services please contact me.