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11 Feb Why do you need Self Love?

We’ve been brought up in a society that tells us it is wrong to put ourselves first.

As children we learnt that when we pleased our parents, our teachers and our peers, they would accept us.

We’ve learned to say ‘yes’ when we really feel ‘no’ and each time we do that, we essentially disconnect from our true selves. Over a long period of time, we start to look externally for answers to questions we could answer if we listened to our own inner guidance or intuition.

Life isn’t about knowledge from outer sources, its about knowing how to listen to your own inner wisdom, which starts from connecting to one’s Self Love — Valquiria

So what is this Self Love?

In my professional experience as a practitioner and online health coach, supporting hundreds of women struggling with weight issues, toxic relationships, high levels of stress and depression, I believe that at the very core, it comes from a lack of Self Love.

Self Love is the MOTHERSHIP of all things. It’s the core from which everything in your life springs.

Self Love determines how well you eat, sleep, develop relationships and more generally, how the quality of your life will be lived and remembered.

Self Love is something we are born with, it is available to all, although you can’t buy it and it is not for sale.

Why do most people suffer from a lack of it and how can they master it? My life’s work has been about answering these questions.

It is said that the human race is the most intelligent species on the planet, but look around and see the overworked mother struggling to retain her career while the kids scream for attention, the business man standing on the corner smoking a cigarette while constantly checking his phone, or teenage girls using online media virtually exposing themselves for recognition in the form of likes and shares. We only have to look at our medical industry to see the millions of dollars being spent by the government on illness and disease.

I strongly feel that a lack of Self Love is the root cause of some of our most crippling problems. We have to encourage women to feel empowered by living their own Self Love rather than seeking it from outside sources.

— Valquiria xo

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