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11 Feb Valentine’s Day ~ True love starts within you

Valentine’s Day offers us an opportunity to re-evaluate how we choose to celebrate love.

It is no secret that Valentine’s Day is commercially driven by florists, restaurants, chocolatiers and the greeting card industry.

So how is it possible that one SINGLE day can so deeply affect one’s potential to feel love and appreciation for self and others?

Many people who are alone on this day struggle with the belief that they need to be in a relationship to feel complete and feel bombarded by images of happy couples and symbols of love everywhere they look.

It is an alarming reality that stories about the increasing rate of divorce and incidents of domestic violence disappear from view around this special day.

Could it be that the answer to a successful relationship comes from a willingness to love and appreciate ourselves first and foremost?

“A woman’s worth flourishes when she honours who she is, not who she is with”

It is only natural to want to feel romanced, treasured and loved by someone special. However, no matter how much attention, care and respect one might receive, it is impossible to feel complete or love others unconditionally without ensuring our own needs are fulfilled first.

“Self Love is the key to unconditional love and the pillar of healthy long lasting relationships with others”

By embracing Self Love as a way of living, you won’t need to find someone to fulfil your expectations but will naturally, like a strong magnet, attract the right person.

After all, who says that this day should be restricted only to romantic love?

What if we embraced the idea that Valentines Day was for couples AND for each individual to use as a marker to check the quality of our relationship with ourselves and EVERYONE else?

Always remember how important it is to look after our own needs, so we can free others from that task.

This Valentine’s Day, and all other days, gift yourself with the same love, care, respect and joy you give to all the loved ones in your life, make this day the start of your own Self Love Affair?

Happy Valentine’s (Every) Day.


— Valquiria xo

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