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Imperfect Love

26 Aug Imperfect Love

I am Love, simply as I am. Love is present in each pixel of my flaws. Love is in my scars. Love is in my accent and expression. Love is inside my unique cells.

Love is in my passionate nature and in my stubbornness. The grand Love that is inside me and inside you is alive and breathing in the sun, moon, oceans, stars and flowers.

Love is imperfect but see the Love in my mistakes, in my punctuation, paragraphs and within each and every decision I make. Be open for all the magic of Love in mother nature.

I am not referring to the romantic, emotional Love ladies, not the one that can overwhelm you and sweep you off your feet, but Love that comes from your chest and runs down your hands and body and touches the earth with your lovely feet. This Love fuel makes you heal, makes you wiser and makes you real.

Be open to the magic of Love. It’s in my hair and in the air, it’s in your breath and everywhere. Enjoy it!