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17 Mar Coeliac Awareness Week

Gluten and Dairy Free Diet

I was born with severe stomach inflammation, and was only diagnosed as coeliac when I was 8 years old. My mother was incredibly overwhelmed with the idea of having to implement a new “special” diet for me back in the 80’s, as there simply wasn’t much information on how simple, healthy, and healing clean eating could be.

As I grew older, my body was forced to suppress it’s honest reactions to certain foods, and I kept rolling along with the occasional stomach pain; but, in accordance with society’s norm, I was seemingly coping.

On New Years 2006 I decided to deepen my relationship with my health and began to question what didn’t feel right in my body. With this I became more aware of how I had been re-interpreting and burying my body’s messages with food to suit a familiar comfort I thought I needed.
I decided to get focused about looking after my diet, and, to my surprise, after another food allergy test, the results for coeliac came up negative.
Even though i got the negative results, in my tummy, it didn’t really sit quite right, so I cut it from my diet regardless. One year after doing so I was clearer in the understanding of how my emotional well-being affected my food cravings and how numbing could be the energy behind certain foods. By that time my system was already clear from gluten and dairy and when I did another test, it came up as coeliac positive.

It was amazing to witness in my own body the importance of honouring my feelings instead of relying on a scientific result before I started to make any self loving changes.

My body then had enough space to differentiate what it felt like to nourish my being without gluten and dairy. This was only because it had the grace period to redevelop its voice without my emotional demands, and was then able to be truly heard.

Could it be that many of us are apparently living a symptom-free life and aren’t even aware of the fight or flight situation playing out as a result of our innate physiological background.

From life experience and as a health care practitioner, I have had the pleasure to see so many women shift their lives around, satisfied with their natural body weight, and feeling vital and more in tune with their inner rhythms. This was once they decided to seek the help they needed in order to be in charge of the quality of the fuel they placed in their precious bodies.

It’s coeliac awareness week; what a great opportunity to re-valuate our food game and explore how choosing a diet free from gluten and dairy can bring about health benefits in many areas that you wouldn’t be able to feel otherwise.

— Valquiria xo

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