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14 Aug Check Within

Our perceptions are mere reflections of how we chose to recognise the seed of our investments or for the lack thereof. Check your heart, check your body, check yoursoul. There is a deeper layer within you ready to blossom. Dont leave it there.      ...

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03 Aug Self love events at Lorna Jane!

I'm super excited to fill you in on 3 events that will be taking place at the Lorna Jane Active Living Room Bulimba!   'Relationship with yourself' Saturday the 29th of August 'Food' Saturday the 12th of September 'Diet and sleep' Saturday the 26th of September   Each session is from 10 - 11,...

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17 Mar Coeliac Awareness Week

Gluten and Dairy Free Diet I was born with severe stomach inflammation, and was only diagnosed as coeliac when I was 8 years old. My mother was incredibly overwhelmed with the idea of having to implement a new “special” diet for me back in the 80's,...

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11 Feb Why do you need Self Love?

We’ve been brought up in a society that tells us it is wrong to put ourselves first. As children we learnt that when we pleased our parents, our teachers and our peers, they would accept us. We've learned to say ‘yes’ when we really feel ‘no’ and each...

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