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7 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

12 Nov 7 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

BE PRESENT: Conscious presence naturally prepares you for the unknown. Focus on the subtle feelings of your actions throughout the day, and ask your heart to guide you through the next choice. With that quality in your presence, you should lessen any anxiety, gain more clarity and feel less likely to fall into false comfort zones such as indulging in certain foods or negative behaviours.

DECENTRALISE: There is always a bigger picture behind every unwelcome event in our lives. What might feel overwhelming at first can often end up being a blessing. Let go of the need to control, trust what is happening is for a higher purpose and accept that you might not understand it intellectually. (Clarity will come when you are ready).

LOOK WITHIN: Every new beginning comes with new challenges, but also with an amazing opportunity to look within and take responsibility for your part in any given situation. For example, in any dynamic of relationship, turn an area that made you feel disappointed into an opportunity to improve yourself. Embrace change and detach from old patterns that can keep you stuck in a cycle of disempowerment.

BE OPEN: Be open to changing the way you normally think, so you can more easily adapt to new situations. Live a life outside your comfort zone and watch the magic begin!

DOING LESS IS MORE: Don’t get distracted by simply ramping up your productivity to overcome life’s challenges. Make time to stop, to meditate, to walk, to exercise and mostly important, take time out to be a bit silly with yourself and others. It will re-energise you.

RECOGNISE YOUR INNER STRENGTH: You are stronger than you think. And only when you are out of your comfort zone does your deepest strength emerge. Let yourself feel fragile, for it will become the muscles of your inner strength. Look back to remember when you were in difficult situation but successfully overcame it.

LET IT BE: Always remember to accept the changes without the need to control; don’t worry about the past or the future, focus your mind and actions in the present. Consider that there is a plan we are here to live. Do not be afraid of letting go of the old, for we are already designed with the incredible power to adapt to new situations. Be open to enjoying the journey, just as a child on their first day at school.