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7 Steps to Increase Your Vitality

08 Feb 7 Steps to Increase Your Vitality

Power Walk


1. Bring your full awareness towards your breath and body as you stand in stillness. Feel the connection of your feet to the floor. Become aware of your surroundings, activate your senses by acknowledging your sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, temperature and so on.

2. Sink your thoughts into each and every action. Bring your awareness to the quality of your breath and step. Notice your arms by your sides, moving in and out of your body. Let it be in rhythm of your heart and nature.

3. Now shift your focus with each and every step to the sensation of your heels and balls of your feet touching the floor. Bring the balance equally to the front and back of your feet.

4. Walk with presence, walk with your heart. Let your body adjust itself to a rhythm that suits your entire being, trees, air and birds. As you move forward, have fun deepening the quality of your movement and breath.

5. Create a marker 5 metres ahead and hold it in your awareness as you move closer towards it. No need to stare, just be aware of the distance while you enjoy taking your whole presence closer and closer to it. Once you arrive, create the next 5 metres marker ahead and so on. This action helps you to walk with purpose.

6. Begin to feel deep in your body how amazing you are and celebrate your awesomeness at each and every step on your journey to the next marker. If your mind wanders, bring it back to appreciating your inner qualities and embrace that feeling blossoming from your heart area, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Enjoy bringing your sexy and wise self to the next marker and if you can’t help yourself, because you’re feeling so good, feel free to jump… dance… smile… celebrate yourself in your own body. Keep magnifying that lovely feeling and let it flow in and through you.

7. Walking, when carried out with full conscious presence, can be more powerful than a intense gym session. Make sure you have supportive shoes and keep yourself hydrated. Walk your walk and don’t be shy. Feel empowered, sexy and at one with nature. Enjoy raising the quality of your vascular flow, awesomeness and vitality.