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30 Aug 6 Steps to Activate your Self Love Muscles

1. Reconnect with yourself. Choose to begin your day by reconnecting with yourself, with your own breath, your own loveliness before connecting with technology.

2. Stretch your deliciousness. Go for a short conscious presence walk or a do a gentle stretch (even if you are in bed) feel each part of your body, bring your mind in the current activity your body is doing at each and every moment, instead letting your mind over to the past or onto the next daily tasks or emotion.

3. Create moments to check in. Before choosing what to wear or what to eat, check with yourself if that impulse is really coming from inside you or is that an automatic behaviour from society expectation. Gradually increase check ins moments throughout your day.

4. Have a self love affair. Talk, hold and treat yourself as you would do with someone you are madly in love with. Bring that inner quality in everything you do and to everyone you meet.

5. Try something new. Remind yourself of your worthiness and how amazing you are every hour of the day. Play with the possibility you are free to live your full potential rather then what others wants you to be. Play Clark Kent and have fun with it.

6. Be Real, Be fun, Be unapologetically yourself. Don’t worry about calibrating to others anymore. Be the breeze of fresh air you want others to be. Just for the fun of it. Let people think you are cuckoo if their are not use to feel and see the real you and mostly important: Have fun with it.

— Valquiria xo

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