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Health risks linked with lack of Self-Love

 are common to women of all ages.  It's 

crucially important to develop a lasting and 

strong platform of Self-Care first, so you

 can serve your community and loved ones from 

a nurturing and loving innate reservoir

 which only you have the code access to.

Valquiria Oliveira  is a Qualified Energy Healer and Complementary Health Specialist. She has been working in 
clinical practice since June 2006, and during this period she has specialised in supporting people with their 
Health and Wellbeing from an energetic, physiological and physical levels of being.
In 1992 after attending The Earth Summit (United Nations Conference on Environment & Development UNCED - Brazil) 
Valquiria found an avenue to express her unwavering love and commitment to humanity. It was then she started her 
community volunteering work, she facilitated and organised activities for young girls in the fields of peace, 
culture, and education, which included exhibition, cultural and educational exchanges.
This instilled in her a strong passion towards helping people to get pass unconscious self-beliefs so they can 
develop their inherent potential and feel more confident & connected. Although Valquiria has a special interest
in Women's Health and Empowerment, she regularly treats children and men, including whole families.
Valquiria provides a common sense and practical approach to life through her sessions, presentations & workshops. 
Her qualifications include Remedial, Acupuncture, Chakra Puncture, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, 
Naturopathy and Esoteric Healing.
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